Bench Vices – More Than Just Another Pair of Hands

When one pair of hands just isn’t enough, you have to enlist the help of a modern tool, which is the bench vice. What you’ll soon realize, however, is that bench vices serve many more purposes other than being another pair of hands. They allow many jobs to be done safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Before bench vices were invented everyday jobs were dangerous and many injuries that could easily have been avoided were very harmful to people who were working. Jobs that used to cause deep, painful cuts, scrapes, and other types of injuries are now easily done in a safe manner.

A bench vice is a large tool that resembles a claw or sorts. Wood is often clamped between the fixed jaw in order for it to be sawed or sanded. Other typical jobs associated with bench vices include screwdriver jobs, drilling, and metalworking. In order to get the best use out of a bench vice, you have to use it for what it was intended. Trying to make the vice work for jobs that it wasn’t designed for is dangerous, and you probably won’t accomplish your goals anyway.

One great example of how to use a bench vice is when you need to saw wood while building a house, garage, playhouse for children, a doghouse, or any other job that requires you to saw wood. You simply place the wood in between the designated clamps, screw them down tightly, and you can now effortlessly saw the wood with precision and safety. Gone are the days when you have to worry about sawing your hand off. Workers in the old days often had to risk life and limb to get simple jobs like these done. With bench vices, you can concentrate on sawing the wood without worrying about cutting yourself.

The use of planers has also become safer and easier thanks to bench vices. You can clamp the wood and take long, smooth strokes over the wood as you smooth it out. Wood shaping is another job that has injured more people than what is necessary, and wood shaping is a very common task that has to be completed. When you use a bench vice to help with using a planer, you can do a better job more quickly, since the threat of self-harm is reduced to almost nothing.

Please be careful to use bench vices properly. They are wonderful tools that can make a difference in your work, but they can easily be used incorrectly. The first thing you must always check is that you properly secured the vice to the bench. The bolts must be tight and secure. If the bench vice isn’t properly secured, you could have an accident just waiting to happen. Injuries during work are extremely unfortunate, but the misuse of a bench vice will quickly put you at risk for bodily harm.

Also, please keep in mind that some bench vices are better than others for specific jobs. For example, if you like to work on metal for automobiles or other jobs, you should get a stronger bench vice than those that are often used to work on wood. Metal bench vices are usually made from tougher material to withstand the abuse they can sometimes take from holding sturdy metals in place. Bench vices are useful tools when properly taken advantage of.