The Benefits of Roller Seats & Creepers

Whether you are a full-time mechanic by trade or a weekend car enthusiast, working on automobiles can be a back breaking job without the benefits of roller seats and creepers. Choosing the appropriate roller seats and creepers is simply a matter of knowing what task the equipment will be used for. If the job requires sliding around under the automobile, then a creeper seat is perfect. A roller seat is more appropriate for doing body work. Having one or two creepers and roller seats handy makes sense. If someone stops by to chat, they can be put to work and provided with a comfortable seat or creeper.

Creepers are versatile for sliding in and out from under the car. They make it a cinch to grab tools and slide right back under the frame without having to scoot through a dirty shop floor or spilled oil. A creeper should be sturdy and wide enough to accommodate a person’s body weight. A creeper should also be long enough to fit a person’s upper body comfortably. There are a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Some creepers even have adjustable, padded or unpadded backs. Changing brakes or draining oil while using a creeper makes automobile maintenance almost painless.

Roller seats are handy to use when doing body work or detailing. Being able to safely roll around the car or truck saves valuable work time and lessens fatigue from standing for long periods. Many stools and seats can be adjusted to a range of heights so that they are easily adaptable to fit the work level. Hydraulic roller seats allow for quick release adjustment. Adjustable back supports are extremely handy when working on taller vehicles.

The benefits of roller seats and creepers in any auto shop or home garage are obvious. Car repairs, body work and detailing often require long hours of standing, bending, kneeling or crawling. This can be a real strain on one’s back. Investing in high-quality roller seats and creepers will pay off in long term health and safety. Shoddily made creepers will not hold up under everyday use and might be a safety hazard. A well-made roller seat should have a solid seat and legs with sturdy wheels.

Being able to take the load off and make the work more enjoyable affords the ability to work comfortably for longer periods of time. With so many styles of creepers and roller seats on the market there is bound to be a suitable one to match any mechanic or car enthusiast’s needs. When choosing a seat or creeper, it is important to look for durability, appropriate design for the job at hand and high-quality construction.