The Importance of Wearing Safety Goggles

Whenever dealing with hazardous chemicals or working with objects flying around at high speeds, you should ask yourself how important your eyes are to you. On average, about one thousand Americans injure their eyes daily at work because they do not use proper eye wear. Protective eye wears are the best barrier between your eyes and a dangerous piece of object flying towards them.


Types of Eye Wear

There are two types of protective eye wear: goggles and glasses. Goggles provide more protection because they have stronger lenses and covers the entire eyes and surrounding area. Safety glasses are usually less durable and does not protect the eyes from all angles.

Types of Lenses

There are different classifications for safety eye wear. Make sure to check the label for the appropriate thickness of the lenses for your task. If your job deals with particles flying at high speed around you, opt for the thickest type to minimize the chance of serious injury.


In school, students are required to wear safety goggles during chemistry. When working with chemicals, not putting on goggles should not be an option. There have been reports of students who failed to do so and, as a result, were blinded. Once it is done, it cannot be reversed.


Workplace injuries are bound to happen, especially when workers don’t take precautionary measures to prevent them. About 20% of all injuries reported in the workplace have to do with the eyes. Those who work in manufacturing, such as factory workers, face the risk of very small objects, like a piece of wood, flying at them. These little particles are unlikely to do much damage to your body, but if it makes contact with the eyes there is a greater chance of serious injury.


Safety glasses are more suited for home activities, such as gardening or light cleaning. It may seem a little ridiculous to wear them for such chores, but it is very easy to get dirt and chemicals in your eyes when using cleaning products. Although you can get them by prescription, safety glasses can be bought at any garden supply store or general retailer.


If you partake in activities like hunting or paintball shooting, you understand that safety is vital. Not only do you have to suit your body up, you also have to make sure your eyes are well-protected. Guns firing off in the wrong places happens all too often and the last place you want it to hit is your eyes.

Regardless of whether you are at home, school, or work, eye injury can occur without warning. Use good judgement when you participate in dangerous activities. Your vision is one of the most important assets of your body. So protect them with the right eye wear.