Our Warranty


Titan warrants that Titan Products will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Titan warrants that you will be satisfied with the performance of the product as long as the product was used in accordance with the operating instructions of the manufacturer, including preventative maintenance tasks. This warranty does not cover issues related to misuse, negligence or normal wear and tear. If a part of an equipment item is defective, Titan will replace or repair it. Titan’s sole responsibility will be to replace or repair the part in question. Titan hardware importers will not be liable for consequential, incidental damages, or punitive damages.

Hand Tools

Titan Tools carry a two year warranty subject to the conditions in “General”. In order to assist the customer in the shortest time, the Manager or Buyer can make the decision to grand a claim on a hand tool. Please make sure that they do inspect the tool properly. Where an item in a set breaks, only that item must be replaced and not the complete set.


Titan equipment carry a one year warranty subject to the conditions in “General”. Items with a value of less than R150.00 can be replaced if faulty. All other items must be repaired under warranty. High pressure cleaners carry a six month warranty. Air compressors and high pressure cleaners must be serviced according the manual in order for us to honour the warranty. We take take care to ensure that all wheels used on our equipment are made to last the life time of the item, if used for the intended purpose. However we cannot give a warranty on wheels that have been abused.